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Greetings Friends,

We are just two weeks away from the primary election on March 3rd. As our grassroots campaign continues to speak to voters all across District 3, I want to reiterate why I’m running to be your next Sacramento County Supervisor.

I am proud to have been born and raised in this region; I am proud to have served our country overseas in the Army; and I am proud to have worked, day in and day out, for many of you in the Office of Congressman Ami Bera.

Our region is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family. Unfortunately, for far too many, this is not enough. Too many of our neighbors live on the streets, and too many struggle to provide food for themselves and their families.

I think we can do more…we must do more.

I envision a County that honestly addresses the homeless crises, that spurs economic growth in the often-forgotten zip codes, and that isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo.

However, there are some who are afraid to challenge the status quo, who seem intent on buying this election through special interests and major corporate donors. We won’t let them!

I will stand with you to fight for our neighborhoods and communities. We will continue this journey through election day, and I hope you will join us.

All the way,

Matt Ceccato

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