See where Matt stands on the important issues facing District 3 below:


Homelessness, more than any other issue, threatens not only our quality of life, but also how we feel about our region as a whole. To know that there are so many people on our streets and in our parks suffering desperately for help, hurts.

In the past, we have largely used a one-size-fits-all approach to homelessness. But as long as people are sleeping on our streets, our representatives should continue to work tirelessly and creatively toward finding effective and diversified approaches to solving homelessness.

The Sacramento Region leads the state in finding policy solutions and our decisions will set an example for the rest of the state to act on homelessness. I believe our County can come together to do what’s necessary to provide dignity, compassion and shelter to all members of our community.


Mental Health

Half of all Americans will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. They affect us, our friends, family members, and other members of our communities regardless of race, sex, age or political affiliation.

When we do not support people we pay heavily, whether in healthcare, workforce, quality of life, or actual lives lost. Ensuring access to a variety of services and a support system that enable Americans to stay in their communities and to contribute to society should be a nonpartisan issue and a priority.

More than anything else, where you live can determine your access to care. While federal policies and efforts can help steer the nation and state, County and local policies can ultimately make the difference in your access.


Small Business/Economic Development

I believe that the relationships I have forged with many of the small business leaders, chambers of commerce, and other organizations dedicated to protecting the rights of workers and small businesses, allows me to be a strategic partner and champion for small businesses. It is a priority of mine to create more jobs and opportunities in Sacramento County so more people can have a shot at the American dream.

Our government should never be in a position where they hinder the growth of small businesses, but should work to promote and encourage them. Our county can do more to strengthen small business growth by streamlining its permitting process, reorganizing the transit plan, and reviewing other processes to encourage more affordable housing.

We are already working with many business leaders to identify the best ways to move our region fully into the 21st century economy by modernizing our commercial spaces and attracting/recruiting the quality businesses that improve the community’s quality of life. As we do this, we must focus on efforts to support small businesses and invest in technology, advanced manufacturing, and clean energy jobs. These sectors provide quality, higher-paying jobs and we should be providing our workers with the training and support to fill these jobs.